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The Jewellery gift ideas for Nepali New Year

As we near the end of a year and prepare to welcome the New Year – a year full of hope, excitement and all the good things life can bring us – our hearts yearn to express gratitude to those special people who make our lives worth living. With a plethora of options to select from, what do you choose to gift your loved ones to thank them for having stood by you in the year that was and to usher in the New Year?

Many of us believe in ending the year by making memories that can be cherished forever. Mark this year to an end by making it all the more special by purchasing jewellery gifts for your beloved ones. Be it for your friend, girlfriend, mother, sister or any important woman in your life; there is a gift for them. Don’t worry; you don’t have to visit each shop in search of gifts. Online shopping is the way to go now! Go on read our gift-buying guide and make your pick. A list of the best jewellery will surely help you make the best choice.


 Simple yet incredibly stylish, Studsare the perfect option if you like it simple yet glamorous. They are the most versatile and all-time favorite form of earrings for women of all ages because of their beautiful style. They complement outfits from party wear to office wear, making them a wise investment as you can wear them all year around. So if you’re looking out for a gift, they are the safest option to opt for if you are not aware of the person’s preferences. And there is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing studs. You can get hoops, flower studs, round plates, or any other style of studs from our extensive collection. 


When it comes to gift, pendant with shimmering diamonds or gemstones are very eye-catching and undoubtedly will impress your partner. Jewellery makes their neck and shoulders look dainty and make your entire appeal seem all the more sophisticated and elegant. Diamond Pendant, crafted with brilliant designs and patterns, will surely covey the meaning of love explicitly. 

From intricate lariats to long-chain necklaces, you can find a variety of designs in our collection. The best part about the pendant is that you can customize them with the name of your loved ones. You can be creative with your choice of words by adding a special message to the pendant, which makes it a perfect New Year gift.


New Year’s Eve can be one of the most romantic nights of the year. Take advantage of this electric night to surprise your partner with a special New Year gift. All you need to do is brighten up your ladylove’s face with some thoughtful gift; something that makes her feel special; a gift that speaks volumes about your love for her. And what could be better than Diamond Ring. Relate your heart’s feelings with an enchanting ring encrusted with diamonds and gemstones that make her feel truly loved and cherished. A new year can be the beginning of your unique love story. So, you can gift her eternity love by tying the knot on that very day with an eternal band. That will be the best gift of her life. 


A nose pin complements a woman beautiful, and also the occasion. It accentuates the sharpest feature of her face – the nose. So gifting Nosepin is admiring their beauty. RB Diamond Jewellers presents a variety of Nosepin design that looks perfect on every woman. It is the first thing that many people notice in their face. So it never goes unnoticed. Comfortable to wear, Nose-pin is ideal for everyday wear as well as work-wear for women.


The vibrant colours of the gemstones like rubies, emeralds, pearls with diamonds never fail to captivate souls. You can always bring a wide and bright smile in your dearest’s face with a piece of grand gemstone jewellery. Each gemstone reveals its tale such as a ruby signifies passionate love and romance, so isn’t it the perfect gem to be gifted for this New Year? So you can stupefy your girl with spectacular gemstone jewellery which will make a unique and endearing present.  Shop Online and purchase artistic jewellery and surprise your dear one this New Year, and the smile that will show up in their face will be priceless, beyond any comparison.