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History of Wedding Rings

The custom of exchanging rings as a symbolic commitment between couples was first recorded around 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Wedding rings represented the union of two individuals and their never-ending love for one another through the exchanging of rings. The material of choice did progress to leather, bone and ivory, now these may still understandably not tickle your fancy as the ring you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life. We can thank the Egyptians for the romanticism they added, as they believed placing the ring on the fourth finger of left hand where the ‘vein of love’ lies underneath and runs directly to your heart. Despite the fact that this has now proven anatomically false, it has ingrained its way into wedding customs around the world. Additionally, from a jeweller’s perspective, this totally makes sense! The majority of people are right-handed so your most active fingers naturally protect your ring finger, therefore less wear and tear on your wedding ring.