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Why is 22K gold Jewellery better than 24K gold Jewellery?

Gold has been discovered thousands of years ago and has since been one of rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and non-tarnish able precious metal associated with prestige and honour. The 24K/999 Finesse refers to the purest gold in a natural form making it ductile(ability to be drawn into wires) and most malleable(ability to be hammered into sheets) metal.[…]Read More

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Silver Tarnish

Are you noticing that your silver jewellery turns black over time?  If yes, it means you are experiencing silver tarnish. Not to worry, all silver jewellery tarnishes over time whether you are wearing it or not. While tarnishing can be annoying, it is relatively easy to remove once you know what exactly it is.   Why,[…]Read More