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A precious gem with vibrant green colour

Emerald – Panna

The sparkling and glittering green colour of the Emerald gemstone can instantly make anyone fall in love with its charming and attractive looks. This stone is a derivative of Beryl and Beryl is a mineral which blends of aluminium and beryllium. It gives bluish-green hue to the jewel in the world, and one can not only wear this for astrological benefits but also fashion style purpose. It is costly Gemstone and fine quality Emeralds are found in mines of Scotland and Zambia.


Its colour can be from light green to dark green.

Emerald Birthstone

Green is the colour of springtime, and the verdant emerald is the birthstone for May. Given as a gift to someone special, the emerald jewelries inspires love, loyalty, and friendship. It is symbolic of both love and success. The green gemstones have sentimental value and are often passed down in families for generations. If you need to add a sparkle of green to your apparel, the emerald jewellery is the perfect gem for it. An emerald inspires confidence and evokes some of the happiest emotions – pleasure, laughter, and love.

Emerald Zodiac

According to Hindu astrology, Mercury is the ruling planet of Emerald. Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. Therefore, emerald is the Gemstone for these zodiac signs. The Gemstone of emerald is said to be having the divine properties of the planet of Mercury which is symbolic of blessing the wearer with excellent communication, sharp intellect and creativity.

It is believed that wearing this Gemstone can help the wearer with a great mind, sharp intellect and will help the wearer to make progressions in life wherever wanted. It is beneficial for even those who are seeking to make a mark in creative fields such as writing, education and also business. Needless to say, that almost every businessman, student, writer and artist is suggested to wear this stone to yield maximum results and benefits.

How and where to wear an Emerald Gemstone

  • According to astrology generally, Emerald gemstone should be worn in small finger of the right hand. For good astrological effects, one should wear emerald on Wednesday morning between 5 AM to 7 AM in Shukla Puksha days.
  • The night before wearing the Emerald, the Gemstone must be dipped in a mixture of honey, curd, milk, pure desi ghee and sugar (panchamrit), to yield the maximum benefits out of it. Also, it will help cleanse the impurities and negative energies in the stone, if any.
  • On the morning of wearing this stone, sit in the east direction, place a clean cloth on the carpet and take the bowl of your ring and chant the following mantra 108 times to get best results, “Om Bum BudhayeNamahaAum”.
  • Now, finally, wear the ring after following the above procedure, and you will start witnessing and experiencing its magical benefits in just a couple of months.

Benefits (astrological) of wearing Emerald Gemstone

  • Wearing Emerald will fill one’s life with happiness and passion.
  • It will boost up your confidence so that you won’t hesitate in front of people. Furthermore, wearing Gemstone enhances your communication skills and helps you to get a good command of your verbal skills.
  • It will also benefit the people who are lacking the decision-making ability and the ones who cannot stay stable and stick to one particular situation and decision in life.
  • It reduces mental stress and stabilizes your blood circulation. So, Emeralds are very helpful for those having Blood Pressure problems.
  • An emerald gemstone is also capable of providing the wearer emotional stability and strength to face challenging and traumatized times.

However, it is always advisable to consult an astrologer to know the positive and negative effects of this Gemstone in your life as per your horoscope, to avoid any trouble and difficulty in the future.


Emeralds should be cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft-bristle brush. Let your emerald jewellery air dry on a soft cloth. Do not clean using ultrasonic or steam methods. Emerald jewellery also needs occasional oiling to keep its vibrant luster and shine.